• System: MEIS Administrator
    • System: User Administrator
    • System: Programme Manager
    • System: Project Manager
    • System: SP Manager
    • System: Ubudehe Manager
    • System: Developer
    • LODA: Project Analyst
    • LODA: Division Manager
    • LODA: Director Livelihood Development
    • LODA: Data Analyst
    • LODA: VUPStaff
    • LODA: MEstaff
    • LODA: Report viewer
    • District Roles: Statistician
    • District Roles: Director of Planning
    • District Roles: Director of Social Development Unit
    • District Roles: Social Protection Officer
    • District Roles: Budget Officer
    • District Roles: M& E Officer
    • District Roles: Complaints Officer
    • District Roles: Civil society
    • District Roles: Household Registry (District)
    • District Roles: Administrator
    • Sector Roles: Social Affairs
    • Citizen Complaints: CCM Administrator
    • Testing: MEIS Testing
    • Testing: DPS┬áTestitng
Comprehensive options to do Evaluation and Reporting are located in this section.
Citizen Complaints
Citizen Complaints
LODA MEIS (1.7.5)