• System: MEIS Administrator
    • System: LCF Administrator
    • System: LCF Secretariat
    • System: Developer
    • LODA: Project Analyst
    • LODA: DM LED
    • LODA: LCF Staff
    • LODA: VUPStaff
    • LODA: MEstaff
    • LODA: Data Viewer
    • District Roles: Vice Mayor Asoc
    • District Roles: Vice Mayor Fed
    • District Roles: Director of Planning
    • District Roles: Director of Social Development Unit
    • District Roles: Social Protection Officer
    • District Roles: M& E Officer
    • District Roles: Complaints Officer
    • District Roles: BDEU Director
    • District Roles: Administrator
    • District Roles: Internal Auditor
    • Sector Roles: CB-Job Creation
    • Citizen Complaints: CCM Administrator
    • Citizen Complaints: Hotline Officer
    • Testing: MEIS Testing
    • Testing: DPS Testitng
    • Monitoring Reports: Assessment of Reports
    • Monitoring Reports: Approval of Report Assessments
    • Monitoring Reports: Crosschecking
The monitoring module gives access to different areas of monitoring, this includes the projects, citizen complaints as well as LODA’s internal handling of transfer processes. Project monitoring include PCM indicators like Timeliness, Quality and Compliance as well as technical indicators or checklists.
Citizen Complaints
Citizen Complaints are manage here. Complaints can get into MEIS with different sources like SMS, USSD or can be directly entered by a Hotline Officer.
LODA MEIS (1.7.5)