• Director of Planning
    • Social Protection Officer
    • MEIS Administrator
    • Programme Manager
    • Evaluator District
    • LCF Administrator
    • District Manager
    • In charge of Planning
    • Project Manager
    • Social Affairs
    • MEIS Testing
    • Evaluator LODA
    • Developer
    • Evaluator Investment Committee
    • LCF Secretariat
    • Division Manager
    • Authoritative District
    • Authoritative LODA
    • Authoritative Investment Committee
    • LCF Fund Manager
    • Assessment of Planning Data
    • Consultant (Evaluator)
    • Consultant (Authoritative)


This comprehensive part of LODA's Monitoring and Evaluation Information System is used to maintain information on Project(s). This includes general information about "What" and "Where", as well as related documents, status and more. As same as for Programme, a project Logframe Indicators can be defined and viewed here.

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LODA MEIS (1.0.3)